Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again

Be it your work place, entertainment space or your own sweet home, your own well being matters! It is very important that you build and live your spaces the way you want to; spaces that bring smile to your faces, every time you are there, where you find happiness forever aided by qualitative architectural brilliance and enticing interior designs.

As you require the need of expertise and professional services, an experienced interior service provider is an immediate requirement for you. Shakuntalam Group is one of the leading interiors service providers based in Jaipur, since 1998. The brain child of Mr Sandeep Tholia, Shakuntalam has worked on all larger projects in Jaipur and is a reputed name when it comes to delivering high quality interiors.

All leading national business houses and construction companies have a lot of approbation for its quality of work and have repeatedly involved it on all their projects, including names like Mahima Group, Essel Group, Maniam Group, and others.

Its main services include qualitative design-led functional interior design solution for all kinds of functional spaces- that include residential, corporate, commercial, retail, multiplexes and malls. It undertakes interiors services for Home Interiors, Bathroom Interiors, Kitchen Interiors, Bedroom Interiors, Dining Room Interiors, Residential Indoor and Outdoor Interiors, Kids Room Interiors, Home Theatre Interiors and Gym Interiors.

It also specializes in commercial interiors like retail interiors, hospital and medical office interiors, offices, hotels and hospitality, entertainment and recreation interior designs and community and institutional spaces. Its specialized services include acoustics, wall paneling, flooring, wood work, color schemes and theme based artworks, amongst others.

With more than 200 completed projects across residential and commercial spaces, Shakuntalam has always believed in delivering on time with the highest assurance on quality. Its main asset is its highly skilled workforce, who is very efficient and highly versed with subject-knowledge that allows for a clear articulation and translation of the clients' vision and ideas into successful projects, which works both practically and aesthetically. The end product is a living and work place that speaks of comfort, honesty and integrity.

Shakuntalam is known for healthy and happy relationship with its customers. Its completed projects include:

  • Malls such as Crystal Mall, Crystal Court and Crystal Palm
  • Retail stores such as Reliance Fresh, Toyota and John Players
  • 5 star and 7 star hotels including Country Inn, Fairmont, Park Inn and Fern
  • Corporate offices such as NBC Bearings and GAIL
  • Community spaces such as The South and North Pavilion at SMS Stadium, meditation hall at Totuka Bhawan and the Rukmani Birla Hospital

Shakuntalam Group is guided by its four pillars of business: TIME EFFICIENCY, DESIGN ADAPTATION, QUALITY MATERIAL and TECHNICAL COMPETENCE. These are also their values which drive them to be client centric.

Shakuntalam Advantage Managing Director