Message from Managing Director

It is moment of special pride for me to write this to you. What began as a journey of a single man in 1998, Shakuntalam, incorporated in 2006 has come a long way. What began as job based assignment in isolated interior design service requirements, we have become a full- fledged organization, catering to each and every interior design service demand, fulfilling with at least 200 people as its team force.

When I look back, I know that it were those people who believed in me- Architect Sharad Mehtal and Brajesh Khurana (G.M., Mahima Group) – and gave me that first break. Since then, there has been no looking back. One of our proudest moments was the NBC Bearings corporate office project, when we delivered the best of quality in a time-bound deadline. It mattered to us, because they were very professional and demanded international level quality.

We have a very strong belief in time-based delivery and quality control. We are silent listeners and observers of the need and demand. We have built an excellent rapport with our clients. Our team has worked very hard to help the organization reach where it is today. We want our clients to think of us as a partner, a trusted ally they can depend on to solve problems and improve their operations. We are focused on Value-Driven Services and Solutions.

This website is a showcase, not just of our projects, but an expression of happiness and strength; it is an expression of the belief that if we can dream big, we can achieve big. With many new achievements, we continue to strive towards excellence. The future looks bright for Shakuntalam, and we hope to make our international presence very soon.

Looking forward to a very fruitful interaction with you
Sandeep Tholia
Managing Director

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