Shakuntalam Advantage

Shakuntalam has built a reputation for its thoughtful, creative and responsive interior design services, based on the cores of form, function, comfort and style. This has lent its reputation as one of the most reliable interior design service providers across North India.

Right understanding of the project

Every new project at Shakuntalam is taken up with an open mind and a clean state. Because each project is different from the other, it allows us, at Shakuntalam, to be thrilled and discover how our services can be uniquely appropriate to each client's needs. We pay attention to understanding the client, his/ her personality, goals, needs, and motivations, his/ her requirements for that space.

Communicate with clients

Because our work process is participatory, be sure that you will see a lot of us. Communication is a very important part of every creative process. When we talk, ideas emerge, thoughts are executed and great spaces are thus born. However, we don't bother you with a lot of information; instead, we listen and understand and give you valuable feedback and suggestions.

Personal Attention

At Shakuntalam, we believe in personalized attention to each and every client. From the beginning to the completion of any project, each Shakuntalam client receives personal attention, not only from Sandeep Tholia, but also from a carefully selected project management team.

Work Methodology

Our work methodology, transparent and fairly easy to understand, keeps us bound to the timeline and responsible to our clients. Since you will know our method of working, you will always know where we stand and what we mean anytime during the project.

Quality Material

Be assured that the material used by us is of best quality in the industry. Whether it is the wood or POP or color finish, each one is of top quality, on client specifications and budget.

Effective Time Management

We have a track record of 99.9% for completion of projects on time. It is one of the reasons that all our clients come back to us with larger and bigger projects the next time. We believe that when we deliver on time, it increases our efficiency and the client's too; as it allows us to set and achieve greater goals in business and life.

Experience in the Industry

In its huge experience of 16 years in the interior design industry, Shakuntalam has created a set of best practices as well as developed a proven methodology for implementation of interior design services.

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